Bartition's Now Available! Protect your customer's and staff in your restaurant or bar

Posted by Christine Clement on

We now have Bartition's available for purchase! 


Partition for Bar Top or Dining Countertop Sneeze Guard MADE IN USA out of Polycarbonate Window SBR Suction Cups Brass 260 Brackets

  • Easily moveable along bar top, simply break suction cups seal, move, and stick in place (cups seal to flat and smooth bar tops)
  • CAREFULLY CONSTRUCTED Brackets made from Brass 260 which is known to crush viruses and the suction cups are compliant with the FDA’s CFR Title 21 for indirect food contact
  • NO FASTENERS NECESSARY No need to drill holes or clamp to your bar top
  • BRASS 260 Alloy up to 71.5% Copper which is known to kill certain viruses on contact
  • ERGONOMIC Handle at the top and gripping area at the bottom make it easy to break suction cups’ seals simultaneously

Please call for shipping prices before ordering


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